Giant Rubber Duck Sails Through Greenwich

So it is not every day that a giant rubber duck sails past your office window, but this is what happened a few moments ago!

Rubber Duck 3

So after quickly taking a few pictures through the window I started wondering what on earth it was all about. It is true, one day a few years ago a giant polar bear on an ice cap sailed by but I later discovered this was connected to an event on climate change that was taking place in the Excel Centre. But why a rubber duck??

It must I thought, have something to do with the container that fell off a ship in 1992 and freed 28,000 rubber ducks who have been bobbing along every since and are still being found twenty years later. The accident has generated interesting research into currents as the journey of the duckies has been monitored as they have sailed the world! More information on that can be found here:

Alas no, it seems I have shipping on my mind too much. A quick google search tells me that the giant duck is actually promotion for an online bingo company. How disappointing!

Suzanne Louail



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