Chinese Students at Sea. Tall Ships Regatta 2014 to London

by Wing Chan

wing ships

First China team in the Tall Ships Races.

Largest event in London since the Olympics. 10 crew on a crowded yacht hoping to get on.

Why are we doing this ?

Sail Training has been going on in Europe for over 100 years. The Tall Ships Races started in 1956 and many nations of the world are involved and have a sail training organisation. Except China.

The documentary will show Chinese, in China and elsewhere, and eveyone else, what sail training is about.

We want your supprt, financial or otherwise, to take sail training to China.

Working hypothesis and interpretation

In life, I believe that young adults can benefit from the character building experience of a voyage on a sail training vessel. Furthermore, if the crew are from many different nationalities, then they will be able to understand cultural differences. Sail training is the most arduous environment for learning teamwork and leadership short of warfare. These are the words of HRH Prince Phillip.

Our documentary will show this in action by filming the crew of a small yacht, which will participate in the 2014 Tall Ships’ Regatta between Falmouth, Cornwall and Greenwich, London. There will be 6 Chinese and 4 non-Chinese on board. Except for the skipper, all the “trainees” are between 18 and 25.

In our modern society, most people are wary of meeting with and working with strangers. On a sail training vessel, the crew must quickly learn to “pull together” as a team. Our documentary will follow the progress of our trainees as they adjust to each other’s skills and attitudes. They must “learn the ropes”, together. Even if the crew members do not seem to get on, the team dynamics of the vessel means that they will invariably set aside their differences when the team is challenged by another team. They will support each other in their tasks when they have to “batten down the hatches”. They will stand by each other to the “bitter end”. Many metaphors in the English language are derived from the times of sailing ships. . There are many lessons to be learnt on a sail training ship, which are invaluable in a young adult’s future life. Real life is not just “plain sailing”. With modern technology, global media coverage and air travel, the world is now a small place- we are “all in the same boat”.

Ultimately, I want the audience to feel and understand that sail training has a significant role to play in the education of young adults, not just Chinese, but all young adults, regardless of race, religion or gender. This will be shown by the character development of the trainees during their voyage. The youth of today are the leaders of mankind in the future.

The documentary’s environment

The film will be mainly shot on a 44 foot yacht called the Emerald Star. This is not as large as some other sail training Tall Ships, but the phrase often used is that a ship does not have to be big to be tall. We have chartered the vessel from a commercial company and this is cost effective. It also allows us to be in charge of the allocation of crew, structuring the sailing around the documentary and we control our own destiny.

The focus will be on the interaction of the crew, not just footage of boats in the water A similar documentary was produced in 1982

We want to capture the way that our trainees interact with each other and mature over a short space of time.

The following background information will need to be incorporated to allow the audience to understand the enclosed world, which we intend to present. The information will emerge through interviews with the yacht’s skipper – Simon Layton and another ship’s captain – Chris Blake OBE. We will be filming an interview with someone from the China Maritime Institute, Greenwich University, which will comment on the way the world is linked by the sea. There will also be a senior representative of Sail Training International. They will be filmed speaking to camera and provide voice-overs to footage of sailing ships at sea and historical footage.

The below video is just a bit of fun, to give you an idea of what ships and young adults upon them look like. There are many videos of boats sailing. That is NOT what we are just doing.We want to show the interaction of our crewHow they get on with each other – or not.

This project involves some very passionate and committed people who want to educate and give experiences especially aimed at 18-24’s but in order to do this they need support.  Even just a small donation goes towards helping this fantastic project as they try to achive thier aims,

If you would like to find out more and offer your financial support just click here 


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