Free Public Talk: Raphael Samuel History Centre History & Environment/Water and the Sea Series

Free Public Talk: Raphael Samuel History Centre History & Environment/Water and the Sea Series

Carry van Lieshout will be coming to Greenwich Thursday 8 December 2016 at 6.00pm to talk about London’s Waterscapes: Land Drainage and Water Supply in the Eighteenth Century.

The growth of London’s built-up area as a result of rapid expansion during the eighteenth century had a profound impact on the city’s management of water. New areas had to be drained to prevent water flooding homes; at the same time these houses required a water supply for household uses as well as for fire-fighting purposes. This talk evaluates the changes in London’s visual and cultural waterscape as a result of the city’s expansion further away from the Thames, and the extent to which these are still visible today.


Venue: University of Greenwich, Room 075 (Edinburgh Room), Queen Anne Court, Old Royal Naval College, Park Row London SE10 9LS.

All welcome.

Event flyer: londons-waterscapes-land-drainage-and-water-supply-in-the-eighteenth-century_8dec16

Eventbrite form:

Carry van Lieshout is a historical geographer based at Cambridge University. See here for more details Follow Carry on Twitter @CarryvLieshout

These free public talks are organized by the Raphael Samuel History Centre ( and the University of Greenwich (Dept of History, Politics and Social Sciences & Greenwich Maritime Centre). To find out more about the RSHC History and Environment talks in general, please contact George Yerby ( For more information on these Greenwich RHSC seminars, please contact: Vanessa Taylor (


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